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Le Blog de Sushi: Volunteer work, 3rd year

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{ Volunteer work, 3rd year }

ECOT 3-fold brochure | download PDF (4.3mb)

ECOT | Promotional brochure

The double-sided brochure for the Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism gives a brief introduction to the organisation, information for travellers, and the choice to subscribe or donate. The organisation's own imagery was used and the brochure was designed to look effective when printed in black & white or colour.

Waite Arboretum virtual tour website | visit site

Waite Arboretum virtual tour | visit page
(please allow the page to fully load before exploring)

Waite Arboretum | Virtual tour & wiki page
Created a walk through virtual tour of the Whaite Arboretum gardens using a image map and JavaScript powered gallery. When clicked on, each numbered point showcases an image with accompanying description. The wiki theme was developed to tie in with the design of the existing website.

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