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Le Blog de Sushi: Christmas giveaway: your choice of Marc Jacobs shoes from Shopbop! (CLOSED)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

{ Christmas giveaway: your choice of Marc Jacobs shoes from Shopbop! (CLOSED) }

marc jacobs shoes

If you're a Marc Jacobs shoes fan (and who isn't?), then today is your lucky day! Shopbop is giving out a $100 instant gift card to one lucky Le blog de Sushi reader. To win, simpy comment with your answer to this question: Which of the Marc Jacobs shoes from is your favorite, and why? Also consider where you could be seen strutting in your Marc Jacobs shoes, and what you would wear with them. The most creative and fashion-inspiring response will win.

History of Marc Jacobs Shoes

Within just a year after the start of his label in 1986, Marc Jacobs became the youngest designer ever to receive the industry's highest distinction: The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. Since then, Marc Jacobs has been known for fearlessly pushing fashion beyond its boundaries. Jacobs has every fashion need covered - from menswear to handbags to shoes.

Marc Jacobs shoes symbolize the epitome of style and luxury. His imaginative shoe designs range from above-the-knee boots to peep toe pumps to mouse flats.

marc jacobs shoes

Visit Shopbop then comment with: Which pair of Marc Jacobs shoes you have your heart set on, why you love them, and what you would wear with them.

The winner of the giveaway will receive a $100 instant gift card to spend on their choice of Marc Jacobs shoes (or anything from Shopbop) immediately. Remember that the most creative and fashion-inspiring response will win, so have fun with your response!

The giveaway is open to WORLDWIDE readers!
One entry per person.
$100 voucher can be spent on any item/s from the Shopbop website.
Contest closes on Monday 14th December, and the most creative and fashion-inspiring response will win.

comment on marc jacobs shoes

41 comments | Christmas giveaway: your choice of Marc Jacobs shoes from Shopbop! (CLOSED)

Kristine said...

I have always loved the quirky side of Marc Jacobs so I think it would be fitting to want the duck boots (

It might also because I am drawn to ugly shoes. It's weird really. Everything about it is so wrong but so right: that burnt orange, the fur lining, the matching burnt orange laces. And yet I am infatuated.

However, to round out the look I would wear it with something pretty like this lovely Alexander Wang dress ( Love that it reminds me of a truncated trenchcoat...

I think I would wear these with other warm-colored items like this lovely red velvet blazer (

And to warm up I'd throw in this turban for good measure (

I am going on my first trip by myself across the great blue divide to Spain and Italy for three weeks and I couldn't imagine a better way to travel than with this outfit.

Anonymous said...

I have my heart set on the Tall Shaft Rubber Boots. I'm LOVING the black and grey with the clever lace design on top. These will be perfect since I live in Chicago. So during the winter storms, I'll probably wear them with layers and layers of knee high socks and leg warmers.

micronomica said...

I would choose the slouch ankle ruffle suede booties in grey. I've been pining for some grey shoes this autumn, and these are just perfect! They would look lovely with dark, white or floral dresses; with black pants and a leather jacket, and of course with jeans! So versatile... I adore the ruffled ankle detail, and the suede's texture... In five words, I have fallen in love!

Kat said...

It's hard to pick which Marc Jacobs shoe is my favorite when he's one of my favorite designers, BUT I really like the ruffle back knee high boots. They're so pretty and feminine, yet not too over-the-top. They're simple, yet absolutely stunning. I love the subtle ruffle detailing on the back of the boot. It's kind of a nice surprise when you turn around. =P I'd wear these boots with probably everything, from leggings and a boyfriend shirt to a pencil skirt paired with a flirty top and chunky jewelry. I'd even wear them over a pair of skinny jeans paired with a t-shirt and a great blazer. These boots are so versatile!

I'm a broke college student, BUT if I could afford to, I'd take these boots with me everywhere I went, which would be all over Europe to see each country's architectural sights, all over Asia to shop at flea markets, and to other really cool places! Let's just say I'd make GREAT use out of these boots. :) They're amazing!


daisychain said...

My favourite is the large tie side booties, which I'd rock with a mini sweater dress and some funky tights,
perfect for keeping out the cold at this time of year!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Adore this boot-
Love the big bow, the plush suede, and the fabulous blue color! I'd wear them w/ everything- esp tights!

Great giveaway :)

hannah, heart city said...

i like the simple red flat boots. i'd wear them with all grey so they really pop. and i would stomp all over the cold east coast cities in them.

ss said...

i love the duck boots! living in the cold and wintery northeast US, i would pair them with warm knit tights, a giant circle scarf, lots (and lots and lots and lots) of layers and long flannel shirts with a camel colored toggle button coat. (and maybe a bow in my hair for kicks).

i hope i win!

rebecca said...

i love the miss marc ballet flats coz they just look so interesting. i think i would wear them with a knee length read dress and with a pair of leggings so you could see the shoes properly. they would also look amazing qith some skinny jeans x

Anonymous said...

I love the high heel bow boots with hidden platform in blue. They are beautiful, simple, and elegant. They have a sort of character that you would expect to see in a person; wearing them would boost your confidence and make you shine. I love them because they seem like my personality in a shoe.

I would wear them with a matching blue trenchcoat and silver buttons, and silver-striped black leggings. A white tshirt layered under a creamy white sweater would complete the look. It would be cozy, warm, and perfect for sparkling in cold Ohio weather.

Bucca said...

I chose these suede peep toe booties

Because I think that they are versatile and funky, while there are a few versions out there of this boot none have that stunning heel on them.
I've made a polyvore set to show how I would love to wear these boots.

Mallory said...

I am going to say the Duck Boots are the ones I would buy. I just think they're really neat. Lace-ups always seem really equestrian to me, which I connect with fashionable in some way (I think it's because I find horses romantic and so romantic, fashionable people are associated with them.)
I also really like that they are brick colored but still have gray too. Lots of my wardrobe involves gray, black and white. I like to get things that are new colors, but often they don't look good with other stuff in my closet. But these have gray! So they would tie into my outfits really well.
Boots like these would add a lot of flair to my outfits.. It would be an unexpected twist because of the color but that still fits my personality really well, which is what I strive to do: show my personality through my appearance. When I've got an outfit on that I really love, it's because I feel like it expresses my deepest feelings/secrets/opinions in a way that is somewhat unnoticeable to the untrained eye. What I mean by that is people who know me, like my closest friends, can tell my mood from my current outfit and they can understand little details that correspond to things I think, but just random people walking down the street probably aren't able to tell.
If that makes any sense at all.

Anyways, I just think the duck boots are really cute!

Katie said...

I definitely love the red Flat Boots! Red has become one of my favorite wardrobe colors as of late! I would wear these boots with my new red coat, mustard-colored scarf, and red knit hat.

bluewasabi said...

The red flat boots are definately eyecatching.

Flat boots for comfort and red to brighten up my outfits.. i tend to wear alot of black and grey in the colder and rainy days.. me being lazy.

They would go great with dresses! i might consider throwing out my grey flat boots which i have worn to death since they go with everything :(

..i said "maybe"...
*looks at picture of red boots*

soph // and other things said...

Oh I think my pick would be the Ruffle Side Booties in black. They're simple enough that you can pair them with nearly anything, but they still have that little eye-catching detail that sets them apart from other plain black booties.

Unknown said...

I'm rather enamoured of the Platform High Heel Loafers. They're a pretty basic, classically chic pair, but with a much-welcome Marc Jacobs touch. I could wear them with a trench, embellished lace tights à la Doo.Ri and a Mimco headband for a timelessly elegant look one day but could just as easily wear them the next with a heather grey jersey tunic accessorised with a simple chain harness, a navy bustier on top and a black crinoline underneath for volume.
And that's the magic of them - I am down like a clown for any shoes that can keep up with my constantly evolving sartorial tastes.

Amie said...

I would have to say that the Bow Peep Toe Pumps with the Fluted heel have captured my heart, they're my favourite out of the selection at shopbop. I love that the grey satin front and the glossy black heel give the shoe both very sleek and modern details, but the bow just lends the shoe a little feminine spark. What I loved about the bow too is that it kind of reminded me of those prize ribbons at best-in-show competitions :P which would make them a perfect pair of shoes to win!


FrouFrouu said...

It would have to be these beauties

The ultimate silhouette and colour, they'd add flair to any ensemble. I'd probably wear them with black high waisted pegleg trousers tucked into them, a lace bodysuit and a long blazer or cardigan with multiple necklaces.

Regarding the my ebay shoes, they were bought such a long time ago, I'll have a poke around to see what I can find for you though :)

the style spotter said...

awesome giveaway!!

K a R e Nina said...

My Pick:
High Heel Bow Boots with Hidden Platform -

If I had them I would of wore them to someplace special; to parties and celebrations with Dsquared2 "sexy black dress" (with the open back)along with tights or leggings.

Accesorized with: long lace gloves and an oversized golden clutch.

I would of made a 2009 fall Ready-to -wear Dries Van Noten inspired messy updo.

Oh , the whole outfit would look so cool with theese earrings I found on Etsy :


emina said...

I heart Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Back Knee High Boots.... they're sooo romantic and nowadays i have some kind of ruffle and ribbons mania... And this is reflected on my idea of perfect outfit for an chic autumn or early winter day , comfortable enough to go shopping in the city centre or to have a walk in the park with my boy...
so let's start!

1.obviously a ruffled black top this one of topshop..

2. I'd put it into high waist shorts -beige/grey/ tweed - with a slim belt -brown- , and because of the cold , it'd be better if made of wool .
I love this pair of chloè :

3.oversized coat/knitted coat
4. black tights
5.aaaaaand the bag of my dreams: Y S L bag..with a very romantic ribbony Y. ehehhe;)
6.french-taste black hat like this one of topshop ...and with this final artistic touch the outfit is even more romantic

the end! hUG(G)s .. emy

Ashley Dy said...

I love this Ruffle Side Booties by Marc Jacobs on Shop Bop because it looks awesome in that color.

Would wear that with my best fall skirts/ coat and accesorize it.

Faith J. said...

As for Marc Jacobs well I’d have to go
For the Peep Toe Pumps with the Heavy Bow
Wear ‘em with a grin and some wicked jeans
Big black shades like on the silver screen
Put a long cashmere cardi out on display
Front a sleek pebbled bag by Givenchy
Hence I’d creep through my hood like a hired gun
There’s no point to fashion if you don’t have FUN


Anna! said...

Wow - What an amazing giveaway!
It's a really tough call for me between the Duck Boots & the Slouch Ankle Ruffle Suede Booties in grey. I live in cold, snowy Chicago so we spend a lot of time debating functional or fashionable! But, i'd have to go with the suede booties. I can just see them in so many different ways! I'd love to do something funky like a pastel textured past the knee Chanel style skirt a la the Spring 2010 RTW collection and a white graphic tee. Or think dark skinny jeans with leg warmers to cover the top of the boots and bottom of the jeans paired with one of Marc's pretty yet funky sweaters and a bowling hat. I love the idea of a little androgyny and a little feminity mixed together, it can be so fresh and unexpected.

Love your blog, keep up the great work! *crosses fingers and toes*

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Oooh, awesome giveaway! I would love the heavy bow peep toe pumps:
They would go with everything and the heel looks walkable. :)

cocorosa said...

I will go for the Marc by Marc Jacobs
Tall Shaft Rubber Boots!! With the moist rainy north European weather and flocks of snow coming this way, I want to bundle up cozy with skirts, dresses, Icelandic sweaters, big scarfs and rubber boots :)

Starr Crow said...

oh dear, this is pretty much the best giveaway i've ever seen!

i would pick the big bow peep toe heels. i like them because they're brown (been looking for some good brown heels) and because I could afford them after the $100 prize. i think they definitely need to be paired with some sort of girlie socks (kinda like a chloe sevigny look) and maybe a preppy outfit!

Harriet said...

I love the blue large side bow boots! The colour is fabulous and it has a nice chunky heel - perfect for winter! I would wear them with knee-high socks and a black skirt and a band t'shirt with a belted cardigan. Or maybe black skinny jeans, a fringe/fur coat and an angled trilby!

Lizzie said...

My favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes are the Peep Toe Suede Booties

And I love them so much I made a polyvore set using them to make the absolute perfect outfit! AND all the items I used are from BONUS! :)

Check it out I hope you like it!


Jennifer Kwok said...

I adore the 'Ruffle Slouch To The Knee Boots' (the suede ones). They are beautifully crafted and I like the versatility of the suede more than the leather ones. The boots are feminine with a naughty quality to them, and that's a like my personality as well as my style in clothing. I love to layer, so in the spirit of the winter season (in Portland OR) these boots would be perfect with the right slouchy loose tee tank and black wool blazer on top. I love love love this look I put together on polyvore to show you!

I've got the umbrella (hot air balloons, how cute??) in there because it mostly rains here in Portland, doesn't snow that much in the winter. The make up on the side is some black eyeliner, mascara, and a coral lip. I would have my hair down (it's black and long) and straight. The vintage Chanel bag is to die for! It is so adorable right? I thought it fit perfectly with my outfit. The stockings I thought were a nice contrast from the tank, with the different structural lines. I find it very appealing especially picturing it with the Marc Jacobs boots I chose. I love the accessories, I thought they added the right amount of color. A pop of gold and a little grey with the scarf. (You gotta keep a little bit warm here!) All in all, a chic everyday look that I would LOVE to wear. Thank you so much for having this contest!

Jennifer Kwok

catss99 said...

hy do I need some new shoes
Well you see, I’m both teaching and going to school
My boyfriend just dumped me
So I’m not very cool

I was sick for months
And just now getting back into the groove
I’ll be teaching a class of 300 next semester
And feel I’ve got something to prove

I need some help with my style
I’m only twenty-eight
But dress like I’m forty
I can’t even get a date

Which pair would I pick?
I would go with the high heel bow boots
Because I’m really short
And they’ll help draw attention away from my roots

What would I wear them with?
A black skirt that hits just the right spot
But not too skanky
Just enough to make me look hot

I think I’d go out on the town
And look for some men
In my shiny new boots
I’d probably pick up ten!

Cambry Rene said...

I love the Front Tie Platform Booties, because they opitimize the effortless chic look.

I'd wear them with skinnies, a soft modal oversized tee and tons of "I didn't work for this" swagger :}
I'd also probably live in those booties. They are beyond amazin'!

(perfect time for a giveaway -- my birthday is on the 8th!)

Loub soles are red
But look rather strange with blue,
Dear Marc by Marc Jacobs boots,
They simply can't rock a heel like you.
From your supple leather
To your structured silhouette,
Strutting down the street in these
Will make me hard to forget.
Oh, Front Tie Platform booties,
you stomp all over the rest.
Pardon the cheesy pun,
but you just rise above the rest.


Jana said...

I love the scallop ballet flats! To me, they define feminine beauty and can complement any outfit, season, and people regardless of age. I've seen adults pull them off with class, and little girls look so cute in them! They're more comfortable to wear, since I spend most of my time walking and busing around the city. This is an example of my outfit:
Basically, it's:
1. A bright skirt or dress
2. Dark leggings or skinny pants underneath
3. A dark top
4. A snug vest over the top
5. A large charm necklace
6. A headband
7. A long-strap purse
8. Sunglasses with dark red shades

V said...

The Ruffle Slouch Knee Boots

Because it's such a classic, but with it's innovative elastic top edge, it allows the wearer to strut their stuff without having to pull the boots up every five minutes, which usually happens with boots. Marc Jacobs always creates such great items that pertain to fashion as well as functionality, which is why MJ is one of my favorite designers for everyday wear and handbags!

For the boots, I'd wear acid wash jeans, a wang tank, helmut lang blazer, and a sheer scarf.

Hope I'm lucky! LOL.

Vanessa - shortiieeee[at]

em.ina said...

i forgot to post the address of my ( very poor ) blog! here you can find some sets that I make on polyvore! hugs! em.ina

urbanrhetoric said...

this is so exciting!

i would love the faux-fur boots b/c i have been loving faux-fur everything....i would probably wear them with a sweater dress or skirt, some really comfy tights (hey, maybe even actual long-johns!) and a furry faux-fur hat. the perfect outfit to see the christmas tree at rockefeller center.

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

I would really LOVE to get the Tall Shaft Rubber Boots. I live in Montreal where it snows ALL the time. It is so difficult to find fashionable snow boots or even rain boots for that matter. And while I love my high heeled chaussures as much as the next girl, I have to be practical! The boots are the perfect lightweight alternative to my chunky snow boots for when its just raining.

I love the lace up seam graphics, they're reminiscent of knee-high Doc Martens. I like to think that I am pretty good with money; but I will be the first to admit that I spend a enormous amount of funds on my obsession with all things remotely British. With these boots, I can see myself wearing a classic light blue oxford shirt and with skinny leather trousers, and a black mohair cardigan, topped (Because it is so cold here!) with a tweed swing coat and a huge creme scarf.

I can already see myself, bundled up in my tweed coat, with my creme scarf wrapped around my neck as many times as possible (resembling nothing short of a neck cast), and sticking out from underneath the coat, just a hint of leather trouser before getting to the boots. I just think that the boots, with the graphics are a fun twist and would go PERFECT with my wardrobe.

Esz said...

Those blue suede mid-calf boots are so gorgeous! Love the heel on them. :-)

Email is kittysdrawings(at)gmail(dot)com

shannon said...

I love large side tie booties. The color and textile is soooo amazing! I think it will gave a soft touch to my all black winter collection and keep me warm cuz ann arbor is so freezing cold!

V said...

I want the scalloped peep toes with the flute heel. I've been DREAMING about wearing them on my wedding day, not just because it'd be a great shoe to photograph, but also because I'd wear them time and time again afterwards. It's a very practical keepsake, I suppose. I'd also love to pair them with a slouchy silver blazer (like the one I'm about 15 seconds away from purchasing on ASOS), super dark wash skinny jeans, and a sheer white tank.

V said...

And I forgot to post my e-mail:

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