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Le Blog de Sushi: Atelier Mayer £200 voucher giveaway (CLOSED)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

{ Atelier Mayer £200 voucher giveaway (CLOSED) }

Surprise! I've been thinking it's high time for a giveaway, so when Atelier Mayer contacted me with their generous giveaway offer I couldn't wait to share it with you all! Thanks to the lovely team at Atelier Mayer, one lucky reader will win a £200 voucher to spend on anything their little heart desires from the Atelier Mayer luxury e-boutique.

Atelier Mayer is a different kind of online boutique, sourcing beautiful vintage pieces from designers such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Ferragamo from collectors around the world. Their e-boutique is regularly updated with an eclectic mix of rare vintage items, below of which are a few of my favourites around the £200 range.

Escada printed silk dress £240
Ferragamo mint cropped jacket £350
Chanel small gold earrings £310
Yves Saint Laurent sheer bow blouse £145
Yves Saint Laurent pink belt £125
Alaia houndstooth shorts £360
Vargas metal & resin cuff bracelet £275
1960's pale green leather clutch £65
1960's velvet bow bag £150

Atelier Mayer also recently launched a limited-edition magazine, named after the boutique. The magazine is for lovers of fashion and art, celebrating the best of vintage fashion, art and culture, and strongly encouraging sustainable fashion. Two runners up will receive their own copy of the current issue of Atelier Mayer magazine!

To enter the giveaway, just follow these three easy steps:
Comment on this post with the name of the item/s from Atelier Mayer that you would spend your £200 voucher on.
Follow Atelier Mayer on Twitter.
As this giveaway is for my readers, you need to be a follower of my blog via either Google Friend Connect, Facebook or Twitter.

The giveaway is open to WORLDWIDE readers!
Entry is limited to one entry per person and each entrant must follow all three steps to qualify.
Giveaway closes Tuesday 27th September and the winners will be picked randomly.

65 comments | Atelier Mayer £200 voucher giveaway (CLOSED)

Unknown said...

I would choose the SCHREINER 1960'S RHINESTONE EAR CLIPS definitely! (by adding my own 20 pounds to it!)

Following on twitter (both you & Atelier Mayer) as LeFanciulle.

xx S

Shanah said...

Ooh, what a cool giveaway :D I've been following you on GFC for a couple of weeks now, and I'm following Atelier Mayer on twitter now as well :) Personally, I'd spend the voucher on this beautiful Pierre Cardin leather box bag! ( I've been craving for one of those over the last fourteen months, but I couldn't seem to find any.. So thank you for sharing as well ;)


foodie said...

Wonderful giveaway! I would choose the 1960's Balenciaga pastel blue jacket, I see it will be perfect for spring, summer coming up. Day time with white outfit and dress up a sequin dress for night out.

Laura said...

I am following you on twitter and google friend connect. I am now following Atelier Mayer on twitter.

I would spend the £200 on the Ungaro 1970s coral wool coat or the Bulgari 1960s tan leather handbag.


LeahSephira said...

Super nice giveaway there are so many lovely things :)

- It was super hard to choose just one item hehe but I really love the Christian Lacroix 1980's necklace.
- I am now following Atelier Mayer on twitter :) (@LeahSephira)
- I'm already following you on Google Friend Connect and on Bloglovin' + now im also following you on facebook and twitter :)

xx Seph

Lucille Chevalier said...

I would buy the gorgeous escada dress you show :)

My twitter name is : Cuty_B
my email :

Bi said...

I love these:

Followed you and Atelier Mayer via my twitter (!/sombresoleil)

Sonia said...

What an amazing giveaway - I'd spend it on the 1960's peach sequin tank top, and the 1980s Christian Dior chain necklace with bow pendant, it's so hard to choose though!

ps. I'm following on twitter and of course I'm a follower of yours :) fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

i love 1960's red pleated skirt an peach sequin tank best ♥
cheers, Klara

untitled said...

I would purchase the PIERRE CARDIN 1980'S RED JACKET WITH BLACK BOW. It's gorgeous!
Thank you for the giveaway! LOVE your blog :)
chocoholic_k [at]

Boheme.Fille said...

I will spend my voucher on these two beauties: PIERRE CARDIN 1980'S RED TAILCOAT JACKET and 1970'S ELEPHANT EAR CLIPS.

Followed all the steps.

Daria @ Kittenhood said...

I love the YSL blouse with a pussy bow!

Anonymous said...

I really loved the CASTLECLIFF 1960'S GEOMETRIC COLLAR ! I really want this necklace ! Love it !

Follow the Atelier on twitter and following you at twitter and FB page !

Michelle's Style File said...

Great giveaway Sushi! Following AM on Twitter and already following you. I love the Geometric collar.


Margot Clemmons said...

Following on facebook, following Atelier on twitter. I would choose the Jean Allen 1950s dress. Fingers crossed, thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I follow on twitter (@wardrobeblock) already! And now following Atelier Mayer too.
I would buy 1960's light green leather clutch bag, Trifari 1960's gold circle bracelet or 1970's gold crochet clutch bag. Such a lovely collection. Thanks for this giveaway!

Ilinca said...

Hey, this looks really good, I have done the following part
The following items are on my wishlist:

cyclopscats said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I would spend it on the Yves Saint Laurent 1970's cream sheer blouse. It's fabulous!

Katie (

Plami said...

Following you on twiiter. My twitter name is fiamma4fashion :)

I would probably spend the voucher on the PIERRE CARDIN 1980'S RED JACKET WITH BLACK BOW :)


mary van note said...

I'd probably get these crazy fun riding boots:

I followed them on twitter and you on GFC.

Great giveaway. maryvannote (at) gmail (dot) com

BreanneS said...

Great giveaway! WOW some of the stuff in their shop is quite a lot haha.
I would probably pick one of these:
Chanel 1980's black kitten heels

MCM 1980's yellow mini bag

1970's Embroidered tapestry riding boots

Or the light green clutch.

Unknown said...

Great giveaway! I'm a follower :)

And my fav items are these two skirts

I hope that I'll be lucky , fingers crossed


Yto said...

I would spend the voucher on the 1930's red lucite pendant necklace. it's simple but beautiful - just my style.

i follow you via GFC ^^

sookhyun said...

i would love to purchase the YVES SAINT LAURENT 1970'S CREAM SHEER BLOUSE - it's absolutely gorgeous

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Great giveaway. I would have to get the 1960'S Black Velvet Handbag if I won the voucher. Such a cute bag.

Thanks for bringing my attention to Atelier Mayer. I am now following via Twitter.

Christie (Dark Blue Stripes)


Anonymous said...

I would spend my voucher on either the gorgeous 'Pierre Balmain 1980's coral and white swirl dress' or the 'Hermes 1970's Le Sacre du Printemps' silk scarf'.

Aleena x

Poptartlr said...

I adore the Chanel 4 leaf clover brooch

I have been all out of luck lately, and with this beautiful brooch pinned to my chest, my luck would surely be on the up!

Anonymous said...

I would spend my voucher on either be the Tapestry floral bag or the 1950's cream crochet gloves, 1950's cream leather gloves, 1940's black and white striped turban. (:

I am a GFC follower, kakpik.
Liked on facebook, Kate Cunningham.
I'm following both twitters, KateAshlen.
email -

Thank you for this opportunity.

Vaughn S said...

I'd spend it on the 1970's Lange wrap skirt ( as well as the 1970's elephant ear clips (

I'm already following both on twitter (@ghoststains)

Lauren said...

Wow, their stuff is amazing. I'd so pick the quilted Chanel bag...if I had an extra 1000 pounds laying around, haha. But the Trifari 1960's gold circle bracelet is lovely.

Jannine said...

I would buy this brooch

It's lovely!

Pearl said...
on or (Light greesn leather clutch bag or the suzy cheng pussy bow blouse)

Following you on GFC & liked on Facebook (Pearl D'souza)& following Atelier Mayer on twitter(pearldsouza) :)

valentina said...

cool!I'd love to spend the voucher on that metal+resin bracelet, amazing!

following you on google and bloglovin...

Venniii said...

would spend it on pierre cardin red jacket/blazer with black bow :))

follow atelier and u on twitter :))
like u on fbook too,,

Anonymous said...

following you on facebook and atelier mayer on twitter:)
i'd purchase the money on the 1960's lion pendant necklace and the 1960's pale green leather clutch! Of course I'd have to add some money;) pressing the thumbs !

SIMONA said...

I would definitely chose the YVES SAINT LAURENT 1960'S PALE PINK SAFARI SHIRT


Anonymous said...

What an amazing giveaway :)

I would definitely spend on 1960s red pleat skirt and 1960s peach sequin top..delicious!

Already a fan, and now following on twitter.

Thanks sushi x

Vasia said...

Great giveaway!!!!!!
amazing things.....I am inlove with the Celine sunglasses.... <3 <3 <3
I follow you via bloglovin and twitter @vasia_gr
& i follow Atelier Mayer too....

Margaret said...

The Yves Saint Laurent 1970's cream sheer blouse please! I follow you via Bloglovin and Atelier Mayer through Twitter.

kathryn said...

Hi, amazing giveaway im following both you and Atelier Mayer on twitter and facebook. If i won i would get the Pierre Cadin 1970's brown leather box bag it is beautiful


Kat said...

Wow this is awesome :D

I'm following you and Atelier Mayer via twitter as KatHsu1

I would purchase the green leather bag (my favorite color!)

and the navy and white print pouch

Thanks :)

ragazze immagine said...

Totally awesome collection, I am book marking this right now! Very beautiful and color combination very superb. Your blog is incredible. I am delighted with it. Thanks for sharing with me.

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! If I win, I'd choose 1980S YVES SAINT LAURENT SEQUIN JUMPER.

Following Atelier Mayer on Twitter (@Fisigiawa).

Ana Belén R.M

Pamada K said...

>.< a bit more than £200 .. but omg adorable


Unknown said...

Lovely blog.

Please visit

basil said...

Great giveaway! i'd spend it on the ysl blouse and put the rest towards the 1950'S CREAM CROCHET GLOVES for a touch of delicate vintage glamour!
following on twitter @flav_OS.


Aparajita said...

I'd love to purchase the Asprey 1970's cream bag, love the print :)

Aparajita said...

Following your blog on GFC.
Following them on twitter (@dresslikevan)

Jen Jen said...

Love these: <3

- you can never have too many capes :) Plus I'm going to Shanghai this dec which means COLD COLD COLD!

Follow on twitter!

Follow you on twitter, & facebook

Anonymous said...

Already like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter, now also following Atelier Mayer! :)

I would get this:

Or this:


Or if I had some extra cash maybe even this!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

I'd go for this beautiful bracelet

I am a follower on facebook, thanks for the giveaway

Anonymous said...

This shop is very interesting, like a fine art boutique.

I found this piece really interesting: 1970S MARIA LOUISA ORTIZ LAVENDER AND CREAM STRAW HAT.

I know how to knit vegetal fibers, so the shape and material of this is amazing for me. Its also what i need for the sunny (burning) days here in Mexico.

I followed you blog via google friend connect, and followed Atelier Meyer on twitter (@Au1618)

I like your blog since i discovered it a month ago.
Cheers !


squidword said...

I absolutely adore your blog and style! Following you via twitter and follwoing Atelier Mayer too!
I love the Ferragamo mint cropped jacket, the Yves Saint Laurent sheer bow blouse and the Alaia houndstooth shorts. :)

carlotta said...

i love the chanel earrings and the green pale clutch! so beautiful!!
i love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to spend the voucher on the following two items:
YSL pink belt
1960's pale green leather clutch
im following Atelier Mayer on twitter as inno_saint and your blog on Facebook as FemiePalomar Japitana. Thank you so much for this chance! :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally in love with the green clutch bag chosen by you.. amazing! I would add the YSL blouse with bow, chosen by you too (I love your classy touch, your sense of elegance..), can I add 5£?

hope to win
kisses from italy.
Mara (I follow you through other adresses, because I use many..)

Nicola said...

This shop is amazing. Even if I don't win, I will certainly frequent their website more often, even if just to swoon at everything.

I would probably buy the cute Edna Wallace hat or 80s cat print dress, which is absolutely adorable.

Am following you on Twitter and now Atelier Mayer too! x

Anonymous said...


SO SWEET! Following you on Facebook as Sonia Tse.

Charlene said...

Hello, I would spend the £200 on 1970'S CREAM PALAZZO PANTS.

I have followed Atelier Mayer on facebook and twitter :)


♡Missy♡ said...

Wow, what a giveaway!

I would love the Chanel 1990's gold quilted earclips AND/OR (lol) the Yves Saint Laurent 1980's pink belt!

I am following you with GFC and twitter (@missy1632) and following Atelier Mayer on twitter as well.

Abercrombie Paris said...

i love the rings with "chanel" image. i hope they are rings i really love them. :)

Andrea @ strangelyincoherentloveletters said...

What wouldn't I spend £200 on! I'd have to get the 1960s Balenciaga pastel blue jacket. <3

I am following you on Facebook and have followed Atelier Mayer on Twitter.


KANI said...

hmm the :)

following you on gfc and atelier mayer on twitter!

Linde said...

Dear Sushi!

I am so happy you extended this giveaway because I totally forgot about it and then the deadline passed.. I'm in love with this shop, so many lovely vintage designeritems ♥ I'd probably spend the voucher on one of their gorgeous dresses (sigh) or these two gorgeous YSL items, they make 200£ exactly! :)


I followed Atelier Mayer on twitter (@lindeboompje) and already follow you trough GFC and facebook (Linde Deckers). Thank you for the giveaway, and fingers crossed! And keep posting because I love your blog ♥
xoxo Linde

mandy4baz said...

Thank you for this fabulous giveaway.
I would choose either the CHARLES JOURDAN 1970'S RED LEATHER BAG or the VICTORIAN ENGRAVED SILVER METAL CUFF, Can't decide which I love more.
Follow you on GFC and already following Atelier Mayer on twitter and Facebook.
Amanda Moss - mandy4baz

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