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Le Blog de Sushi: Modcloth 70% off sale

Saturday, October 01, 2011

{ Modcloth 70% off sale }

It's nice to be back! I've been banished from the internet this past week due to my phone line being down and no internet connection (thank you TPG and Telstra customer service for being so useless!). To everyone who's awaiting replies to emails and such, I've nearly gotten through them all so you should hear from me soon if you haven't already.

Of course the week I have no internet happens to be the week one of my favourite online stores hold a huge 70% off sale! Although I've missed a lot of good stuff as the Modcloth sale started several days ago, there's still quite a few cute things I'd love to get, some discounted as low as $1.99 :D

Autumn/Winter wishlist
Got It Going Pom headband $27.99 $9.99 | buy here
Bow-tique Beauty hair clips $7.99 $1.99 | buy here
Carefree As Can Be dress $49.99 $14.99 | sold out
Valpolicella knitted bag $114.99 $34.99 | buy here
Ra Ra romper $89.99 $62.99 | buy here
What I Like About Shoe boot $279.99 $83.99 | buy here

Spring/Summer wishlist
Pastelling Secrets dress $94.99 $28.99 | buy here
The Color Wheel Deal wedge $134.99 $40.99 | buy here
Grand Finale sunglasses $11.99 $3.99 | buy here
Neighborhood wedge $89.99 $26.99 | buy here
Right On Summertime dress $114.99 $34.99 | buy here

P.S. Due to my dissapearance from the blogging world for the past week, Atelier Mayer and I have decided to extend the giveaway until Tuesday 4th October. To win a £200 voucher to spend on anything you like at, just click here!

11 comments | Modcloth 70% off sale

whitney said...

I absolutely love you for telling me about this sale! My bank account will hate me after this, haha :)

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Love the lace dress. Too bad its already sold out. Great picks.



itsanaddiction said...

Oh wow, what lovely lovely items. Pity about the shipping costs, always puts me off :-(

Elegantly Academic said...

I got some really awesome things earlier in the week. And they all worked out about $20 each with, even with shipping! But I never saw the Right On Summertime dress & I'm trying not to put in a second order ...

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh lovely pieces! That stinks that you missed out on a lot of stuff :(

Francesca said...

perhaps this will inspire me to use modcloth! great post.
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Aya Smith said...

Boy, do I hate losing internet! We just recently had that issue too, well, we probably aren't out of the woods yet... but at least we have (slow) internet for now. Glad you are back! :D

These are great sets! All of the dresses are so perfectly feminine :D

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Cylia said...

such beautiful collages:)

Closet Hound said...

Totally heading to the ModCloth sale right now!

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Danielle said...

Wow, everything you chose is absolutely gorgeous! How annoying that you missed most of the sale! I wish Modcloth was easier to order from in England!

Confessions of a Brunette Goddess XI said...

Oh I recently had my own issues with TPG and Telstra, they're hopeless! Glad to hear its all sorted now!

Gorgeous I love the colours and stripes!


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